Truly despicable. Let's help RCMP find this woman. She approaches an 84 year old woman and trips her near Metrotown Skytrain Station in . The senior was shaken and thankfully not seriously injured. More details on

🎶 Trump and Zuckerberg sitting in a tree / Messing up our democracy 🎶

Is there any other job where you can have 10 infractions like this and not be fired? Let alone a job that gives you A GUN?

So let me get this straight: Black Lives Matter protesters are tear gassed for protesting the murder of George Floyd, but MAGA protesters are left alone for bringing AR-15s inside state capitols?

White people marching on state capitols with assault rifles because they want haircuts. Black people peacefully protesting a man brutally murdering someone in broad daylight, on camera, and only losing his job. Guess who got tear gas and rubber bullets shot at them. America.

if we only keep one thing from this pandemic, i hope it’s priests with water pistols

Great reminder that loosened restrictions doesn’t mean we’re out of the clear. Enjoy being out but be safe

2.8 million women in Canada have faced economic hardship due to . That's 1 in 3 women. is committed to . Visit for more information.

Here we go again. Lilley argues that Dr. Tam should be fired because she didn’t listen to him (yes, really) when he “called for stronger border screening for flights from China”. The bulk of Canada’s early COVID-19 cases came from the United States. Almost none came from China.

Wait... people didn’t have favourite utensils before quarantine started?

placing a ban on "releasing" anything anymore, with the exception of the kraken

I'm seriously so proud of the team and how quickly we pulled this program together. is here to assist if you need someone to help you during this time.

this quarantine has turned us all into a jane austen novel here I am out here looking forward to my daily brisk walk

The attacks on alleged fraud are simply another aspect of the stigmatization of the needy. When the wealthy avoid taxes they are lauded as being clever, when the poor claim what is deserved they are condemned as dishonest.

Weird that a man who was caught being a predator is now trying to cancel the man the outed him. 🤦🏻‍♀️

In case you were wondering how quarantine is going, crows have moved outside my window. In other news, I’m looking for ear plugs suggestions.

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