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DECEMBER 13th 🌏 At least I didn’t kill him 😈 #JumanjiTheNextLevel

The Man in Black ⚡️ Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. Having cool superpowers,

In 1 month. The Smoldering Doctor returns. JUMANJI: The Next Level December 13th 🌏

The countdown begins. IN ONE MONTH. #JumanjiTheNextLevel DECEMBER 13th 🌏

Warm up - let’s get the blood flowin’ 🩸 Shooting for my next @projectrock collection campaign

Life is noisy. Life is busy. Nice to sit in a quiet, empty theater with @laurenhashianofficial and

Our new 2019 PROJECT ROCK x UA FREEDOM Veterans Day collection and 🎧s available NOW in the link up

Grateful to bring you our new 2019 Project Rock x UA Freedom Collection in support of the men and women

Grateful to drop our annual VETERAN’S DAY @projectrock x @underarmour Freedom collection. Honoring

Very special movie that our @sevenbucksprod is honored to make. @arobles125 was born with one leg and

All brothers. All bad muthaf*ckas. #HobbsAndShaw Enjoy. Available now.

This psychology hit me like a ton of f*cking bricks. My walk to the @ufc octagon carrying the BMF Title

Our @HobbsAndShaw movie is available on digital & blu-ray TODAY! And the REAL star of the movie - my

This one has a deep personal connection to me considering the many parallels our lives had. Thank you,

The smoldering one 🤨🔥is back. Dr. Smolder Bravestone and his intrepid team of fearless-ish adventurers

Away from all the noise, good to have a quiet moment. I’m always impressed with an individual’s

My brotha @gamebredfighter looked sharp in that octagon. Evolved skill set. Rare air. Promise kept.

Kickin’ off my Sunday cheat meals right with pasta 🍝 bolognese & 2 New York bagels 🥯 and a bunch

Goosebumps. My big ass smile is real, cos I feed off energy and this @ufc crowd BLEW THE ROOF off Madison

Man, as many of you know (and witnessed) I’ve had the cool honor to raise many heavyweight titles

Walkin’ the hallowed halls of @thegarden towards the @ufc octagon. The mana builds. Crowd awaits.

Cool moment before TONIGHT’s huge #UFC244 fight that the fight fans worldwide will watch. I’ve