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I gottu go in Before I come out

Facts. The realest cover . I don't care for no one's opinion piece now.

Thank you for these messages and there's so much more to add to the list but I accept these as blessings and life lessons that makes me who I AM. I'm happy for the Pirate TRIBE that's BELIEVED in me against all odds. Thank you and bless up!

mentalhealthawareness week. First sign of madness is doing the same thing every year and expecting different results. Either be happy with the results or change how u think. Be truthful. Honest to yourself!!!! Trace it. Face it. Fix it. Accept it and Ask for help, reprogram patterns . peace 😊.

Jesus SA D ! I'm called Mathangi. I studied the deity made an L.p. and came close to understanding Hinduism as much as it's in my DNA my signature for MIA is a Hindu ohm🕉 and to speak truth Jesus is real. Sri Lanka has banned social media. Social media is a tool. Everything stems from how we use our tool. If u do the devil's work you will spread darkness, if you do gods work you will spread light. The religion u believe doesn't matter. Both sides exist Some people say God can't be proven so They exist on worldly plain and deal with life and times within those parameters and live a social exsistance and put belief in modernization and science .This exsistance is always changing so we have to be more fluid in adapting. This changing society is getting faster and faster because of technology. Our human minds are trying to keep up because we 've never had change at this rate. We as society experience growing pains. Simultaneously the tools of change can be used by those in religious exsistance good or bad. The people in the middle will be caught in the middle. Hense confusion. Thoughts on religions. I always say religion is like a car on a road. It doesn't matter the car or the road it's about the fact you are heading to the same place. On this road you can start pointing fingers and laugh at other people's car or complain someone is using too much fule or emmision or someone is on a bike even . Some drive cars they chose for safety some drive ones they choose for speed , but really it's about your car and what gets you there. Path to God is a road that comes from any direction depending on where the person is coming from. The closer you get, when your about 100 miles to God you realise everyone's car is the same in that epicentre. No matter what religion , no matter if you are a monk ,a yogi, a priest iman, you all are led by the same energy. This is God.God is in everyone. If you are enlightened which just means you've learnt to cut out lots of carp, you will see Jesus meet Buddha and see Shiva energy and they know each other . All of these people at some point came at different times to bring you the message and passage and it's to the same place.

earthday🌍. We are our biggest threat. Stayin connected to the source in solitude. If u destroy places of worship then know everywhere is a place of worship to worship . What are u gonna do send in your warships to destroy the whole planet? Fuck off. Keeping an eye on the bigger picture staying humble in the days of the rumble. Living in the days of the prophercy I don't wanna be no body's property. Staying naturally #natural   sustainably grateful to God for this amazing universe.

Trying to stay in the light today. "Inner peace inner peace inner peace .... " quote from kungfupanda ●○ . I wanted to put a picture of Sri Lanka up but I don't wanna give them what they want. I wanted to say pary for Sri Lankan but I didn't want to normalise us responding like that. Events like this just makes me want independent journalism to be more effective in our society and not just an ecco chamber of establishment voices with Google cutting traffic to certain sites. Jesus is a prophet in Islam too let's not jump to conclusions . May the souls who left today go somewhere greater.


even in hell think of god ✞

HAPPY Tamil Puthandu ! It's not even 2019 for us but yeah...... still cookin up தமிழ்ப்புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!!!!!

i got foto bombed twice in this picture. Here's my son's


home made RMARNI from 2007

Fan art

When ur hot af 2005 clubshow in #bern   #Switzerland  

Fan in a psychedelic temple

Bye Bali 🌺🌸

She speaks better then me 😭

Look no selfie stick

Poppin. Sighted UFP

📸 @caltristan + @emily_mathison

This is Mr Ulluru himself🙏🏾. part of the family who the ✨place belongs to. I was happy and lucky to meet him and exchange WORDS in Tamil. "ULL - AM" means HEART ♥️ "ULL- A-HUM means WORLD.🌍. ULLURU IS THE HEART OF AUSTRALIA. Keep ur heart healthy and take care of the OGs.

The origin . Lesson 2 ULURU in Central Australia. does have a meaning. In tamil 🤔 it makes perfect sense with what it actually is. Ull means inside Uru means town/place/land Uluru is inside land!!! Apparently most of the rock formation is below ground. Tamil is the oldest exsisting language in the world. Australian tamil academics or tamil academics should be doing more to connect the dots with these 2 cultures because there's so many similar words and sounds. #aboriginal   #language   #tamil   #deportation   #migration   #immigration   #ancestors  

Melbourne Art centre✔️ Fun start to the year!!!!