From 's largest private employer (). AirBnB killed the hotel. Amazon killed retail. Covid killed the office. In the end there will there only be houses and warehouses? I doubt it. But right now it's easier to imagine.

Condo prices and rent down in T.O. but home prices remain steady? Best explanation: units coming online increasing supply of condos and rentals. Expect similar downward pressure here in

wants to add affordable family units into older neighbourhoods and preserve street cadence by using more lot depth and inconspicuous entrances. . Imahe credit

If you think your investment's value is going to tank, I'm happy to help get more out of its sale. However, I'd advise you to ask for your 's opinion before selling on that hunch.

Forbes blogger uses graph of post-2009Δ as evidence of a bubble. The graph shows a 5.5%/yr Δ since 1998. In that light CRE looks cheap relative to other paying investments (debt & equity). In stable values are likely even safer

landlords are triaging rent abatement and offering it exclusively to who will survive if, and only if, they receive an abatement. Those who will survive or fail regardless are unlikely to see more than a deferral.

Favourable treatment of rezoning applications hasn't engendered greater density. Most urban land is cut into small parcels and not suitable for large projects. Small infills rarely justify the cost of a rezoning application.

Long days locked down with the fridge. ... Good luck my Muslim friends. Happy .

Sometimes, all it takes is the spectre of someone breaking rank to collapse a system. A tragedy of the commons is forcing some and to collect payments that they would rather forgive 😞.

Excellent article by . 'I have never seen a situation such as this where landlords have more rights with less opportunity to use the rights... It’s a right without any current remedy. Landlords don’t have a lot of mass enforcement options.'

Photo from newsletter highlighting great effort by Larmex Mechanical. Building wash stations to distribute throughout to keep construction workers safe. Well done.

Some construction workers are concerned for their health. Some workers have walked off their job sites. I recently received this video from a friend in the industry.

Went to the grocer yesterday. Bought this for the 16yo bouncing the door ensuring the (not always cooperative) adults sent 1 shopper/family He went out of his comfort zone to protect others🎖️ Thank an essential workers for enabling us to

With fundraising events cancelled, we urgently need donations to help keep our shelves stocked. Please donate to the today.

Very impressed! sends its 10K tenants a $100 grocery gift card, offers each the option of transferring last month's rent to April, and tops it off with a $300k donation to charities helping mitigate the fallout.

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