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What's happening in Brazil right now is frightening. It now has the world's second most cases of coronavirus. It's health system is at capacity in cities around the country. *And there is no apparent plan to make things better.* Meanwhile, 20,000 more cases were reported today


What are the people feeling about Bolsonaro? Does he have a loyal base like Trump here?

Unfortunately he has. We call them "the herd".

Bolsonaro is killing them and he doesn鈥檛 care and he tells them he doesn鈥檛 care

Modern fascism is bad for public health. (See: Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Putin)

You notice there is no travel ban to Brazil

There are no flights anyway

I have friends in Fortaleza and they鈥檙e really stressed. One is a nurse. She鈥檚 already had it and recovered but her ex-husband has immune issues and is holed up at home. Taking a big financial hit. It鈥檚 scary.

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