In the developing world, the coronavirus is killing far more young people

What's happening in Brazil right now is frightening. It now has the world's second most cases of coronavirus. It's health system is at capacity in cities around the country. *And there is no apparent plan to make things better.* Meanwhile, 20,000 more cases were reported today

In countries with more poverty and fewer resources, people who would have survived elsewhere are instead dying. Fewer than 1 percent of people younger than 50 died in Spain. In Brazil, it's one sixth. In Mexico, it's one-fourth.

In the developing world, we're tracking a new and disturbing trend: skyrocketing number of younger people being killed by covid-19. In poorer countries, youth alone isn't enough to protect you. In Mexico *one fourth* of the dead have been younger than 50.

I'm still thinking about these two paragraphs in this story from yesterday. There has been so much polarization on a basic scientific issue in Brazil that now dying people would rather take an unproven drug than a ventilator.

"This is the picture of Bolsonaro’s Brazil," said Gerson Salvador, an infectious disease specialist in the intensive care unit at Sao Paulo’s University Hospital. "People are being exterminated" reports

I'm coming up on my first-year anniversary in Brazil. What a time to have moved here.

I think that's the danger of viewing Brazil's coronavirus response through the left-right frame that has come to define America's. It's much more complicated than that here.

I have no idea what she means by “the left” on this issue. The governors of Rio and São Paulo — some of the staunchest advocates for isolation — were allies of Bolsonaro. So was Mandetta. Now they all condemn Bolsonaro for his coronavirus response. They are def not “the left.”

Maybe an even more terrifying aspect is that Brazil is halfway through 2 competing strategies. It closed the economy enough to cause damage. & But it is not practicing social distancing effectively to decrease the transmission of the virus. It is the worst of the two worlds.

The Amazon’s largest city, overwhelmed by disease, is now so short-staffed that journalists are putting done their cameras to help care for the sick.

Brazilians, random question. Can anyone explain to me why analysts on cable news here are allowed to ramble on and on — sometimes for 5-minute monologues? Even TV journalists don’t seem to be paying attention. Why doesn’t someone cut them off and get them back on track?

Well that didn't take long. Bolsonaro's latest health minister has resigned, following disagreements over Chloroquine -- which Bolsonaro can't stop hailing, despite serious questions over its efficacy.

Manaus' Covid-19 madness through the eyes of a first responder scouring the city, and finding hospitals w/ neither space nor equipment to admit new patients. via

On today’s front page of the Washington Post, our story on the desperate search for a hospital bed in the disease-battered Amazon. As cases explode here in Brazil, we only may be at the beginning of this horror show.

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