It is a list of Youtube who took a photo of Degu at the zoo. Please take a look by all means.

If you truly care about Nigerians, support the of called Nigeria. Support

The Pretoria Zoo is well worth a visit. Here鈥檚 a photo I took there.

Welcome to our Zoo!! Our neighbor who works at the zoo inspired our kids to make a front yard zoo!! Making the most of this time!

They know about the damnable British contraption Nigeria lies. You should work with them.

Jubril and his Handler are positive, all paid makeup artists revoked their contract, no one want to near Covit One Nine. in the

I think we all feel like this lately. Get outdoors and enjoy spring!

Rare late afternoon run to the Zoo and back. Enjoying 87 degree weather. Cheers 馃

Am I rewatching just to get disappointed all over again in the end? Yes, yes I am.

Cleaning, working, corralling the pets without a major incident 馃槀鈽曪笍鉁岋笍 馃惗 馃惐 馃悹

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