I made homemade chips last night and had them with bacon & beans just like my Nan used to do for me!

Can’t get takeout pizza, so I made my own! Today’s special? Tomato Basil pizza made on my Pampered Chef Round Stone.

Hmm, dinner: Will be. Wagyu porterhouse steaks w/ green peppercorn sauce, vegies & chips. !

Perricone, a rare red grape variety that thrives in Sicily, has been cultivated at Tasca since 1959. While the grape is usually in blends, this beauty is rich & wild, deep dark plum plucked perfectly ripe, black cherries warm from the sun, with smoke, black pepper. .

Aren't we lucky? My daughter cooked these at TAFE today - four weeks closure from tomorrow

If you thought Ramen noodles were only for college kids, guess again. This has become a go to meal in the Parker household. And yes, I drain the water out and then put the seasoning on top...I’ve been doing this since college. Tonight, I mixed beef and chicken seasoning.

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