Happy to see my piece on stakeholder-centred policymaking and my time with the for Gender Equality (YGE) published in 's blog. Thanks to the Canadian Teachers' Federation and for allowing me to contribute to this project.

Since Police thinks it's ok to arrest 4 selling water, we decided 2 help these make sales today! WE RAISED WELL OVER $1,000. Meet Joshua.. he's the kid who was arrested just a few days ago. He sales water to pay rent & utility bills.Ty

Had a busy day with our young TV anchor - was all about and the potential. Are you all maximizing your potential?

If you don't show what you can offer no one will come to you. My advice to , don't use social media to feel good by abusing people. That give you 5min fame. Use social media to show what you can offer. Victimhood of how poor u are will not add u value. Build your own value.

After successfully organising our 2nd edition last year, we are now working towards our 2020 edition. We aim at initiating discussions on prominent IG topics by making the events more inclusive & engaging to the of India! Watch out for more posts!

Happy to all paramedic services across ! Thank you ESPECIALLY to our partners for the amazing care they provide to and for the incredible opportunities given to our . We can’t thank you enough! ♥️🚑☎️

Some gudiance to you . When you engage anyone, never engage from a point of disadvantage. Don't start telling the person how poor or suffering you are. Don't start off by begging for jobs etc. Sell yourself from a position of strength. This is what you have done and can do

: 9 May - :TODAY! Nothing will stop African & European from coming together to discuss our future. 📆 Save the Date for the Meet-up 🌍This is a youth consultation on the road to the African-European Summit💥 💻Stay safe & stay tuned

Inspector General of Police occupied Kashmir Zone Vijay Kumar (IPS) told local news agency  that two militants have been killed in ongoing operation. However the identity of the slain militants is yet to be ascertained. Killing In the name of false

| "There is limited research on the situation and needs of adolescents in disasters and crises that can guide how we respond to concerns surrounding this group today as well." Shireen Jejeebhoy expands on this here:

CPI-297 Many a times.. When sitting idle, want mind to come out with Ideas & thoughts... that can be written In beautiful words But it doesnt listen.. Mind works, but as & when it wants At its own mood.

Everyone had goals of what they what they wanted to be when they were younger, what was yours? Did you reach your goals and end up where you wanted to be? 😃

We are coming up with some really exciting opportunities for Youth to directly engage in Political Activism and shape the Politics of Future. Watch this space for more.

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