Another interesting rating for this week's . Hour one: 2.14 million Hour two: 2.16 million It's very rare to see the numbers go up in the second hour and yet that's twice this month. Clearly the blue formula works. What was your favourite part of Smackdown?

Lol at doing the Phoebe Cats bit with Mandy and Otis. 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Vince McMahon backstage realizing the Otis and Mandy date is quickly turning into a porno

Aye Randy Orton been a real nigga bruh was setting fires and causing riots in way before tweeting

It鈥檚 , let鈥檚 start a to grow together as a . It was pretty cool to see on this week. Who is your favorite tag team today? Follow everyone! 聽聽聽聽

It鈥檚 a ! Let鈥檚 forget about Thursday and unite the community together! Let鈥檚 bring all together Post your fav wrestling below and follow all who like it! RT and like this post & follow all who do the same!

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