Alabama says workers impacted by corona virus are eligible for unemployment benefits. Maximum unemployment in AL is $275 per week. We pay more than that in taxes weekly. WAY more. Are these people serious? I can’t even buy groceries for that per week.

This guy actually has access to nuclear launch codes. Fortunately, the preprogrammed targets are all his buddies or his idols! We are safe for the holidays! Phew! 😌

I'm struggling w/ grieving. Overwhelmed by , & loss. BROKEN. I just want a a break from my thoughts. SO - anyone want to share

with humanity! needs to be explained to the general public and requires a legitimate consensus before something like this is allowed in our neighborhoods, and yet... 1G 2G 3G 4G and soon 5G already here???

Its really a good day! GINTING just won his game and he will go to final and EXO just got 😭😭😭😭 yeaayyyyy for today ❤️❤️❤️❤️

If you can't understand how the hell the political landscape is as it is & what is going on in the UK right now read "How to lose a country" by Ece Temelkuran. She has dug deep into the issue & revealed the roadmap to this catastrophe.

⁩ pitching Noisy Guts at the ⁦ comp as part of ⁦⁩ this week, 8 incredible showing the talent we have here in !!!

We’re at for a panel on tech! Our Director Stakeholder Engagement WA Dr Managing Director Dr & Dr Marcus Tan sit w chair by Dr Carlo Bellini - we’re proud to be a Bronze sponsor

“The first rule of everything, you are not the customer” explains at today in regards to and their need to determine their target audience to validate their business model & product – at State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

Andy Lark tearing it up “It’s the behavioural change consequences that will eat you. Yes, change can be slow, but behavioural change can smash incumbents in a matter of a few months.”

Great to kick off the in Perth last night, with National Roadshow. Had the pleasure of moderating the panel with our crew from and .

A few of the highlights from 2019 Ecosystem Report being launched at

Looking forward to speaking about what could be in store for high performance sport at the West Tech Fest Future Forum this Thursday morning. Come along to hear from a great speaker lineup drawn from diverse fields. More info 👇 ...

Let’s keep a child a school,let’s help improve sanitation in children’s schools,but a bottle of Domestos on the 19th Nov and make a difference

Much like charity begins at home , Sanitation and hygiene starts with you and me. Help fight poor sanitation by purchasing a product on the World toilet Day(19/11/19)

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