dear -rs of & the , @_STSCH and partners at invite you all to submit your , , , , , or to its 5th🇨🇭STS conference 09/2020 : ⛔️March 31. Cf

When your from the won’t stick to your gilet, so you stick it to your top, but then forget about it and walk round for the rest of the day wearing it 🤦🏼‍♀️ child asked if I’d forgotten my name 😂

On Tuesday, 26th November Prestfelde is hosting a Mastery in Mathematics course! Free for all to attend! To find out more and book:

We welcome you to the 4th & Symposium, 9th-10th Jan 2020, Keynotes Prof Peter Buckley & Prof Marian Jones - Calling students & to submit papers, - Deadline 18th December - Submit interest to me!

Really excited to have been accepted to do Skills Lab training 2019/20!!

📣Yesterday we participated in a great workshop on press and digital communication, organized by with & Evan Lamos from and Cécile Koch & Rémi Dévé from ✍️🤳

What's funny about you, specifically? Push your and forward at our 5-day workshop in the beautiful French Pyrenees with , and

At last night’s Ideation Workshop founders of Startup Apprentice, took us through the reinvention of traditional brainstorming! Looking to take your idea to the next level? Register for The Mayor’s Telstra Technology Awards 2019 here👉

Among the many initiatives for students to gain an upper hand in the panorama of today's industry , is one such initiative,the 32hrs over 4 days will definitely enrich the students and give them a 's view

The Cyber Incidents Response Centers monitor, anticipate and respond to cyber attacks, improving . Today, the Government🇯🇲 and teams carry out an evaluation exercise in the

UPDATE! Come out today 12/15 for 1st workshop in from 2pm - 4pm at the | 6401 Broadway | Meet us there and learn some w/ gang! 👣🔥 more at

Today I am in Ferrol ( Coruña). Gloomy day here but looking forward to meeting some new teachers.

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