The industry must find an effective way to recruit, hire, and develop a more diverse workforce. Otherwise, the industry will not be able to keep up with for .

"In addition to firing employees, in nearly a third of all elections, EPI notes, employers were charged with “illegally coercing, threatening, or retaliating against for supporting a .”

GM ! is a time we reflect on & salute all who have contributed & are contributing to the growth & development of . My fam the theme is plz use the day to do extra cleanup in & around your homes 🇯🇲🙏🏼

3 out of 4 want to continue to forever, with 44% reporting fewer distractions. Read on CBR:#benefits#workfromhome

A common scene now in coastal cities where millions of are out of jobs and money to go home. Luckily it‘s the warm seasons, or they become corpses over chilling nights. They loved their country. But the country abandons them.

Amid concerns over changes in labour laws in various states, Niti Aayog Vice Chairman said: "Reforms do not mean complete abolition of labour laws"

Social protection programmes have helped many amidst the crisis. But not all are covered, w/ those in short-term, part-time or self-employment less likely to receive support. More on supporting livelihoods during the pandemic & beyond 👉

2/2 . SHUFAI is a traditional NOT a nickname. Berinyuy is a Traditional Authority & a of —despite 's FALSE accusations that Ambazonians attack traditional authority

Washington State Produce ! Fruit growing/packaging companies are the main employers in central Washington - they notoriously beat down . However, a crisis can agitate waves of strikes & lead to a permanent organization of workers!

Episode 5 is out! In the , widows of had to find some kind of work. Melicenda hosted dinners, but it was risky: police could raid her home.

Despite everything, Sending bodies of home, killed in ... In plastic Bags on a piece of ice in open truck… No dignity in life & now treated as roadkill… Do they have no faces?... Ice melted... After seeing this? Does our hearts melt? Ashamed...

Shots being fired on from factory can be heard! This is factory in Landhi area of Karachi. aren’t expandable. Join us today as we protest against this and all brutalities the workers are facing due to state incompetence, anti-people policies.

Enforcement of preventive measures against corona virus have been prioritize for by the government to ensure safety of the workers.

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