Excuse me, are you going to feed me or let me starve??? My bowl is clearly empty. I will die without food. Why do you hate me mommy? Why do you want me to die daddy? Why do you deny me food? I thought you loved me????

New episode time! This week on How D'Ya Like Me Now we're watching Woof! PLUS we're talking about childhood lies, fish and chips and inventing the best Internet game of all time! Listen now wherever you get your podcasts!

Now we are home. I am getting too hot. I like getting to hot.

I like when my humans use their computers because I sleep by the heat vent and have a nice warm cuddle with them.

Just found 4 on the Yesterday channel - it's the Flashheart episode with Rik Mayall !

Finally! I can go to the to take pictures. I can't change or take shower at the gym anymore. So I don't have an excuse to get naked anymore. Life is so difficult 🤴🏾💅🏾 ... time to shake the stress away.

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