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Powerful words from 🇿🇼 Senator calling for independent international investigation into abductions & torture, including sexual assault, of 3 young activists by agents of state. To add insult to injury, state has now laid charges against the 3 women

Lack of clean water, unsafe environments for & & the inability for & to seek for their experiences are all negatively affecting the displaced people. ( )

Mothers Sisters Grandmothers Aunties Daughters Wives Partners Officers Mayors Govenors Protestors First responders Entrepeneurs Journalists Lawyers Chiefs of Police Organizers Natl Guard Survivors So many different Women on frontlines of conflict tonight. I👀you

Shocked to hear that authorities have pressed charges against 3 Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 activists who had been abducted, sexually assaulted & otherwise tortured by state agents. I agree with : the bogus charges against them must be dropped.

are critically important peacebuilders, yet they remain underrepresented in . Supporting women’s full, equal and meaningful participation in peace processes, is key to creating lasting peace.

We did it!! Today with , we submitted the FINAL manuscript of our textbook on and Together on zoom to submit & toast our accomplishment. 📚 🥂

Not just White people, I see mostly White in this photo standing in solidarity with our fellow and sister Blacks.

A powerful trip down memory lane. 50 years ago I was proud to be one of hundreds of women who demanded that abortion be removed from the criminal code. Take a look at this video about that historic action featuring a very young yours truly!

The stigma that comes with menstruation should not exist. It is not a disease and it's totally normal. Women and young girls don't have to be embarrassed or ashamed by this.

🧞‍♂️ LMAo 😂😂 i am already on this path since from last 😁 one way in one way out 😆🤪😂 They want every 1 to follow 🤠🤠

To all the ladies considering cycling as lockdown is lifting but worried to do it: - ride a city bike with low entrance - have your bag in front of you - riding in heels is easier than walking in them - ride in your own pace.

AWLN is enhancing the leadership of in the transformation of Africa, in line with Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the global SDGs. AWLN’s call is for collective action as opposed to individualism & is optimistic to have the remaining 30 AWLN National Chapters operational by 2020

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