For every 100 years there is a pandemic on this planet witnessed so you mean to tell me that that's not planned. 馃 Ummmmm

Clue = Stop looking for approval. Stop craving like&shares Post to express your freedom to express your freedoms. This is not a popularity contest. It's the PUBLIC SQUARE Thank you Dr. Paul Aijian ...more video coming ...keep watching

Great turn out of Santa Barbara patriots who understand that freedom is not free....millions paid with their very lives. Thank you Dr. Paul Aijian ...more video coming ...keep watching

With or without PhD... we must arrive at our destination. The name of school you attended no be guarantee say you go become billionaire. Whether i got my certificate for the purpose of making money or i got it to enlighten other na by choice. Don't get intimidated!

Our site is situated at Omole Phase 1 Estate Ikeja and 66 Akowonjo road Egbeda Lagos 馃嚦馃嚞 Thank you . cc 馃摳: @ayamolowophotography

Guys are more concerned about making money. You see we girls majority of us just want human hair and LV.

The worst mistake u can make in this earth Is to start with small letter 馃棧

If they realize you鈥檙e desperate for it they鈥檒l start making outrageous demands

Jeez, do you all get issued with the same crap? Come on for God's sake it just cringe worthy.

All these fake Arewa twitter hyping you are seeing by some yeye influencers,na money dem go collect o 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 You better have sense on this street before you start falling for paid hype

And you don't struggle with Trump's remarks???? I use to have high hopes for you, but you have proven to be just as brain dead as the President.

It takes years to be a CEO in someone鈥檚 company but it takes only a day to be the CEO of your company

It鈥檚 frightening that you鈥檙e an attorney. I couldn鈥檛 imagine placing my trust in someone as ignorant as you.

Trust me 馃槀 Ik who's really rocking with me & who's not, I'm not dumb.

Do you know what鈥檚 even more annoying then individuals calling out groups of people breaking lockdown rules on social media? Groups of people breaking lockdown rules and defending their selfish actions.

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