馃槩馃ΑThis poor young male, (RTC injury), had been suffering for 2 days, before the badger group were contacted.. 馃毃Please please contact a local rescue for wildlife injured, or in distress.. 馃Α馃馃

After a long, hard winter, basking in the warm spring sunshine is a treat. Won't be long before she'll shed her winter coat now.

beautiful to see the returning to . Mother Nature hitting the reset button on us all 馃檹馃實

"Reports that the current outbreak originated from illegally sourced has given a new sense of urgency to ending wildlife crime" argues for a new intl legal framework for wildlife crime

From the archives. An up close encounter with a fabulous Roe buck. Really am missing photographing these lovely animals at the moment.

chillin in London. Not sure if they prefer it or not, no one to feed them

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