The 1872 Mining Act is one of the most outdated and obsolete pieces of legislation on the books! It still allows America’s , Wilderness areas and to be polluted by toxic mining every year. Help end hardrock mining in .

All mornings are not beautiful like this but better than any afternoon. Sun is an early bird and clouds are its wings - taking off for today's flight. GM, people!

is out in paperback and ebook now. Inspired by an epic roadtrip through California, Arizona and Utah. 2 weeks, 1500 miles, three chances for Liv’s husband to save his own life. Will she let him?

The Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness in Texas contains the most extensive exposed fossil reef on the earth, formed 260 million years ago, when a great sea covered this area. Today, the is home to 900 plant, 60 mammal, 310 bird, and 55 reptile and amphibian species.

A1 Is there a better place in the Northern Cape than Kwas se Baai in the Namaqualand National Park

We spent Memorial Day climbing Rocky Peak Ridge from New Russia. This is hands down one of the most physical hikes in the . She made it look easy. I did not. 35/46

A helpful note on recognizing Poison Ivy as it grows in many parts of the world. Clusters of three leaves.. spring and early summer they turn dark red, green in summer and yellow in autumn. Itchy painful reaction if touched for many. 🌱

Stuck at home? Itching for some new scenery? Try a 1500 mile road trip that might just turn deadly - download now to find out who makes it home alive from this vacation nightmare!

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