Oh really, ? Body bags? You’re a disgrace. The US shouldn’t give a cent more to the until you and all other Chinese Communist Party collaborators are removed

Dr Tedros of WHO, he is speaking so painfully. He’s trying his best to work with all the countries to cope and save humanity from Covid 19 virus. Western countries are showing arrogance to him because he is black. Other countries are calling him a negro. Racism racism

The political affiliations of Director-General of

to be precise: Trump’s ‘villain’ is Director General ‘Dr’ Tedros (not a medical doctor).Tedros spent much of his tenure looking the other way as corrupts the WHO; underreports cases; & trying to get frmr dictator Mugabe a sweet ambassador gig

The World Health Organisation believes that a cure for coronavirus is standing on one leg whilst repeating Mary Poppins’ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Why? Because China says so.

I've been able to keep emotions in check when it comes to leftist narratives during the but I'm beeing really tested now by the unethical "reports" of Trump having a financial stake in & the organized defense of the indefensible

The response to Trump's harsh criticism of is a good example of the severe news bubble. Moderates & conservatives have been calling out the WHO for more than a month. But most reports this morning depict Trump's as finding a "new scapegoat" for the virus


This tweet and the replies to it are utterly insane. Everything Trump says here is correct. The helped cover up this epidemic and infect the world, and everybody knows it. They should be stripped of all funding.

did not fail. He (you know who) spread Fake News to cover his own failures. We love and support W.H.O.

Speaking to reporters at the White House Tuesday evening, President Trump announced a freeze on U.S. funding for the . During the lengthy fight against Wuhan coronavirus, the organization has repeatedly published false information about the disease.

January the 14th they parroted China’s line that it wasn’t a Human to human virus. They screwed up massively, their further guidance affected many countries action plan. They have massive questions to answer

Trump, on : "They didn't see what was going on in Wuhan. They didn't see it. How do you not see it? They didn't see it, they didn't report"

The WHO is controlled by China’s government. They have a lot of questions to answer if they ever want to be taken seriously again. US funding should be In question right now. I don’t want my tax dollars going into a corrupt institution.

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