Thanks for a great feed at Pasta Di Piazza, West Ealing. Gets the vote for best Italian in Ealing 🦈 – at Pasta di Piazza

On this day, we had over 6 swimming around the boat at one time! As one swam away, you had to keep your eyes peeled as a new one would appear out of nowhere.

We had one day at where thousands of jack mackerel schooled around the boat. To me, it added complexity, another source of excitement, and a completely new and exhilarating way to film these at this amazing shark hotspot.

A very happy 5th birthday to my debut book, NEIGHBORHOOD SHARKS! You're ready for kindergarten—who can believe it?? So proud to be your mommy, and so happy to sign and personalize copies for any shark fans through !

Less than 250 are estimated to survive in the according to . Incidental catch is one of the main causes. Find out how the Project is working to ➡️

Great start to 's Shark Research week! Join us at the museum Wed night at 6 pm to meet all the players involved. Click link in bio for more details about this free meet and greet. . . .

We started a new scientific study yesterday and YOY-juvenile are our focal animals! ...and look who showed up on DAY 1!

Gregory Skomal has studied in the Atlantic for more than 30 years. He discusses how shark sightings are becoming more frequent, and how research can help sharks and humans coexist.

Getting ready to celebrate World Oceans Day? I’m really lucky to participate in ⁦⁩ ‘s huge effort to understand and do our best to keep oceans healthy and protected. ⁦

The I'm interviewed in is available online just in case you want to hear me go on about for a while, while you work today 😉

while historical threats to have largely been solved, complex and increasingly significant factors threaten their population (and larger ecosystem) recovery

We're going back!!!! is hands down the coolest place I've ever visited (tagging & sampling may have played a role in that 😉🦈🇨🇦).

Using novel animal-attached cameras, satellite tags & motion sensor technology, scientists in South Africa have new insights into the complex behaviour of & their ability to manoeuver through kelp forests to hunt their prey.

RT : What a refreshing expedition to be surrounded by like-minded people and HUGE sharks! Looking forward to another week at sea at the island of the sharks - !

in the ! Today we’re featuring the ! If was anything like today, then as they grew from juveniles to adults, they worked their way up the food chain, chomping on prey like porpoise, billfish and tuna!

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