Prime whale watching season close to British Columbia's coast is best through spring and summer. 🐳 Have you ever been whale watching? 😍 πŸ“· 1: Dick Martin 2: Luc Tribolet 3: Thomas Lipke

Pretty cool to have a whale chill'in under a Montreal bridge. Wow!

Every year, humpback whales & southern right whales migrate along the NSW coastline. They head north to the warmer waters throughout June and July and return south around September to November. Whales require 'personal space' please keep your distance.

MT : This is KELPING. Whales are very tactile animals and seem to like the sensation of kelp rubbing along their skin. They often seek out kelp mats, although not always choosing to wear one as a hat like Two Spot (MMZ0013) here!

Anyone else want to share their favourite research or hobby equipment? Mine has to be my 25 yr old that go everywhere with me.

RT : Sea Lion Rock, located near Carmanah Lighthouse, is home to barking sea lions soaking up the sun. These pinnipeds (flipper footed mammals) fatten up on salmon and herring, eating as much as 77 lbs (35 kg) a day!

RT : Northern Elephant Seals rely on a worm-like movement called galumphing to get them where they need to go! They are easily spotted because of their bulbous nose, hence the name.

Scorpion Adventure Tours is dedicated to making sure my customers are happy with my Whale Watching services. I always do everything I can to ensure the best for our customers!

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All those stairs at once, is a lot for anyone not in good shape. There are benches, and here you can begin to see the ocean, in St Mary's Bay, almost at the Observation Platform, where others may already be , resting or just taking photos.

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