Beautiful moment from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. I miss y鈥檃ll 馃挍

Please run as VP. It's the only way to bring unity to our country again. Our country is falling apart.

To our United DFC family, We miss you. We are working hard to develop our Return to Play plan. Keep your eyes open for a survey that will be shared with you shortly via email. Please complete it. Your feedback is critical to informing our decisions.

We need you to help with reopening our church! Volunteer to help us in one of our reopening groups. We can't wait to worship with you again!

It鈥檚 so sad to hear and see what鈥檚 going on in the US...we need a calming voice now...we need a leader who comes up with solutions instead of throwing oil into the fire...

speak your reality and it will follow

People y鈥檃ll gotta stop doing this open your eyes, what your doing is what they want us to do they want to keep destroying us & our families 馃様 this world doesnt seem safe anymore this isn鈥檛 how we鈥檙e suppose to live.馃

I want to raise awareness to people around the world that the police are also killing Ethiopian people in Israel just because of our color and they are getting away with it. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY

NOW do I have permission to write your name in come November??

Real change can't happen unless we all stand together. We need everyone to be outraged. The looting and rioting will not accomplish the change we need, yet we need everyone to speak out against the evils of racism.

Saturday 6 June at Chippenham RFC - Beer & Cider for Sale!! From midday until 2.00pm Come and say 'Hi' from a safe distance and grab some bargains. Support YOUR Club

Are ya鈥檒l ready to visit the beautiful streets of the Queen City? We are ready to take you! YES! Our tours are running this weekend! Several safety precautions on the bus to ensure we can all have fun! Come LAUGH & LEARN with us!

It's another week and lazima tuende hustle kutafutia familia. Avoid rush hour matatus, crowded places and non-essential travelling. Familia itakuhitaji kesho ukahustle. Tukomeshe COVID-19

Congratulations to the Proviso Township High Schools District 209 Class of 2020!!!

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