Queen of Sweden is looking mighty fine this evening with her pretty pink persona! . Have a lovely evening and make the most of it as the weathers set to change over the next couple of days πŸ₯Ά . .

I'm back! Lovely to see you all again! So have you heard? May 2020 was officially the sunniest month ever recorded! June.. well.. has got off to a great start! But it's all change this week!

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I witnessed some true Virginia beauty the past two days. I hope this week you'll all be happy, you'll be healthy, you'll be kind, and you'll be Beautiful! Have a fabulous day everyone!

ICYMI, two meteorologists have been working with a lot of lightning data in an effort to better understand the phenomenon.

Nature was never going to let us all down, signing off the sunniest spring on record in style tonight...

As water levels drop in reservoirs across the UK as we endure the driest spring on record since 1896 visitors at Grassholme Reservoir ,Co Durham are able to cross an ancient packhorse bridge as work on the dam wall means water levels have dropped signifcantly

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