Chapter 13 of The Mechanic is now live and available only on and Olivia has finally put her foot down. 📖

A Night With Ice will be published very soon so hope you can support and wait until it’s available for purchase. Read raw draft here 👉🏻

So maybe I’m a little bit too excited to discover the Amazon Pantry box just delivered includes the giant bag of Twizzlers I ordered.....

‘For June’ crossed 40k reads!!! 😱🥳 And to celebrate, I tried my hand at this animated social post thing. :) go read more!! Go, go!!

some told me about an I am posting some my undone stuff an weirdly I got a rating on one out of 456 my short is 207 in painful memories. I'm unsure how to take that. @ Waco, Texas

So this is what 2 quarts of fresh strawberries, dehydrated, looks like. The scary thing is I could eat them all RIGHT NOW.

Back in 2018, for , i wrote a story called INTERVENTION. I finished it last year and today it's reached 40,000 reads on . It's an adventure into a dystopian future full of adventure and action. Read it here:

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