smart meters offer numerous diverse benefits and this includes more monitoring consumption, accurate bills & better budgeting. is not just an ordinary meter. It introduces unique solution to calculate usage & meter readings automatically and remotely.

has presented a challenge for utility leaders like me. Hand washing alone demands reliable supply of clean+safe .Rain or shine, i wake up everyday to ensure water taps are flowing without any excuses for i know a day without water is a disaster

Breaking- moratorium bill passes!!!!! Elation as politicians of many stripes worked together, especially our representative responding to voters we thank you for protecting

In some parts of Madagascar, the Baobab tree is hollowed out to store water, for use in the dry season.

Putting out solidarity statements are fine, but if your "neutral" policies have a discriminatory impact, your leadership and board has little diversity, and you actively opposed mandates that helped marginalized groups, we see you. Yes, this is a subtweet of some orgs

Filters EPIC15-AYK7RS for 15% Off Epic Water Filters remove over 200 dangerous drinking water contaminants. Independently tested and certified. Industry-leading lifetime warranty.

I've just quit cow's milk. Should I go almond milk for minimal or soy for minimal ? (or oat as a compromise?) 🤔 ... think I'll go oat- it has the best taste.

After the driest May ever, demand for is very high. Please think carefully about the water you use. This will help ease demand at peak times. There are steps everyone can take:

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