if can... Why the state and central government cannot ?

they are opening. stop the we have the remedies. Soon enough a vaccine for those want it. time for economy will take matters into her own hands with the .

In his interview for , President said that the & coalition/government has been pushed & guaranteed by . Did he just say that the formed a government in which was ousted (allegedly) by the administration after 50 days?!

Hey Gautham Sir, Lovely to revisit our breezy fragrant romantic love story with the icing of sweet pain! in a new gift wrapping in the midst of these testing times! Team 👏 👏 U are a lover-boy no matter whatever Ur physical age😍 Keep Loving & Spread Love as always ASH♥K

TTM Tues...er... Wednesday! VV Tips! Plus Addresses For The Stars Of Weeds! Father of the Bride! Supergirl! And More!

Using a beautiful ferrobus as a coach cafeteria to take a rest & enjoy a good wine 🍷with appellation of origin. Where? In the old station of in the Val de Zafán. A fantastic greenway not to miss out! @ffe_en

Hey Central! Voting is tomorrow 8-3! Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength- I want to give all my courage & strength in being junior class president!

Actor's First movie that u have watched in theatre! 🎬 Suriya - Rajini - Kamal - Ajith - Vijay - Sk- Vikram - Dhanush - VJS - Vishal - 🤔 - -

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Here/Not Here, a music drama film by , is aiming to bring the community's visual vernacular art form to the mainstream. Check it out!

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