UPDATE: Police identify victim of Friday’s fatal crash in Hanover

We are currently in , , for a month, ending July 20th, at which point we head to . While here, we are staying in my mother's driveway, enjoying her hot tub, wifi, water, electricity,…

driving +66% compared with mild no snow basketball January. Apparently we are the only content on the farm, in the garden. Time for a 2 week reset, y’all. This time construction, landscape, home improvement stores, ⁦

For the first time since late May, reports three consecutive days of >850 new confirmed COVID-19 cases. (Keep in mind that cases confirmed today reflect infections that two or so weeks ago.)

TRAFFIC ALERT: Accident on 1-95 causing delays in the City of Richmond

Anyone else here in loving the heat? Just sweat all day! • __________________________________ centuryarms canikusa

When my heart and soul is hurting I run to where my ancestors came from it's more than a river it's a blood line straight to our heart it's where we grew up, it holds our traditions and our memories.

July 11 1766, captive Olaudah Equiano (pictured) bought his freedom renamed Gustavus Vassa. Snatched from his Igbo village at the age of eleven taken to then the State of Virginia, Equiano wrote in his narrative that domestic slaves in were treated cruel

"Due to unprecedented call volume our call centers will be open this Saturday from 9am-1pm" so i call at exactly 9am....once again busy. 225 times yesterday, 5 times already today.

A conversation with Daniel Gade, the Republican facing Mark Warner in Virginia Senate race

Good News from Rural America: Sunflowers are blossoming, baby raccoons spotted in the pasture, a mamma skunk has marked her presence near the mulberry tree & a sizable black bear has hopped our fence & absconded with our hummingbird feeder.

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