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[COMING UP] We speak to & on . Finally, we discuss our readiness to return to work and lessons learned with the founder of . Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the with .

[COMING UP] We speak to Sasha Gear on the release of 19 000 prisoners. We discuss the future of the transport sector in the digital era with Maphefo Anno- Frempong @ TETA. Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the with .

Time to move to the cloud – to go paperless, automate workflows and work remotely. has transitioned 1000s of contractors to the cloud, and you can make the move, also. Discover what we've learned with this 5-point guide:

– Where does India stand in its fight right now? Zakka Jacob explains on . Watch with .

| India among 10-worst hit nations in the world. breaks down the numbers on Watch with Zakka Jacob.

| Migrant crisis turns into a political twist. Maharashtra govt feuds with the centre and Yogi Sarkar. Watch with .

| Congress is in the government in Maharashtra and they’ve failed miserably. The state which is the biggest contributor to the economy is suffering: BJP Spokesperson tells on .

1/2 First attempt of a new technique this week inspired by David Hockney’s cameraworks. Cubism was based on the idea of the simultaneity of multiple viewpoints of a single scene or object.

– In BKC, we constructed a 1,000-bed hospital in 15 days: , Maharashtra Home Minister Watch with .

– Listen in to what West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had to say earlier today. Watch with .

After the dark days, some semblance of normality returns

Based on this photo, it would be easy to think that this is along the shores of an ocean.

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