Soon enough the Rathaus (city hall) will be completely uncovered . Looking forward.

"The Third Man's melody", small booklet, 12 pages, Sweden 1950 Exhibited with 3000 further items in the film memorabilia collection.

: As they await their evacuation back to the kingdom, Saudis stuck in play, sing their national anthem at the

😷😷😷 new reality Saturday outside somewhere in 😊 no science fiction it looks like a little bit scary 😱😱😱 but I am healthy 😊 🇦🇹

Combining current data for doubling time and Google mobility report favor the notion that early and rigorous lockdown is linked to more pronounced slowdown. Hopeful that acted early enough to in time.

Friday's news: helps the city of facing - managing and tracking patient incident reports in real-time to support professionals 🙏

's researchers are just great! Thx for this outstanding initiative! 👍👍👍

10 cases of involving staff members of International Centre are confirmed. The number of VIC personnel working remotely or otherwise at home now routinely exceeds 97%. For more information:

🌄🌇 I wish a very good day to all of us! Let's make the best out of the situation. Stay well, together we will overcome corona!💜🎶

Here's some mid-week cuteness from Vienna! We hope this helps you through the rest of the week!

Landscape in Suffolk oil on canvas 65 cm x 95 cm ca. 1750 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Thomas Gainsborough

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