Yoooo i just started watching why y’all ain’t tell me it was so good ?!

This entire series is about evolving in so many ways

Jesus dad is about to try and take the bar away from the girls. The face he made when Lyn said the bar stays full and their making money.

Hey you need to jump on this ASAP! is cancelling one of the best shows on tv right now. Call up Tanya Saracho and give her what she needs to keep writing this amazing show!

So on deserves like 10 seasons and not just 3 😭😭😭

I love it when the universe whispers and the bars chakras all open up

Already the finale? 🥺 Victor’s reaction to Lyn saying Vida was full is SHADY. Glad Nico was there for Emma and I lowkey want Lyn & Johnny to end up together.

Good morning World How cute you look when you don't give up when you try and try until you invent something and get it no matter what! . . .

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