Already 3 years ago since I took this picture. One of the best times of the year to visit Hong Kong as there are no typhoons and often less humidity in spring. And temperatures are quite nice then.

Am continuing to look at old shots I've taken to edit / re-edit. This of skyline was taken in May 2012 from , looking out to and after a bout of rain.

📍Hong Kong One of my favourite city views which can be seen from . Over 7 million visitors come here each year to see this amazing view. What are some of your favourite city views?

Victoria Peak: The highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, known just as “The Peak” to locals, offers the best views of the city and harbor. I never tire of shooting this view.

(13/9, Lion Rock) Tonight, not only the full moon lights the sky, but also and light beams. Hundreds climb up and to form during . IT’S LIT 🔥 . Cr: at .

Mesmerising scenes here at . Check the folks over at flashing lights back this way.

I need to go to this place again. Although the city is crowded and walking sometimes difficult, it's an absolute beauty in the night.

The tram to and from in is just about the most fun thing ever! I scoffed when I read it was “gravity defying” but omg. I didn’t record the near-vertical bits but...just omg, so fun. The only way I’ll go up there from now on!!

It's a 2 mile hike and 1336 feet rise from the Harbor, but it is worth it for this view and a cup of coffee.

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