After "Fortune" and "Forest", the 3rd /ian tanker, "Petunia", entered territorial waters today. "Faxon" is expected Friday and "Clavel", the fifth and last but not least would be arriving Sunday or Monday, depending on weather/sea condition.

Maduro is scared of the venezuelan military attacking him so he wants to keep giving these ppl money. So hes basically bribing the venezuelan military...

hails arrival of Iranian fuel as 'landmark in struggle for sovereignty'

This is a place were the things always works. And you get more that what you pay for. To much to learn for a

Iran in ...cap Maduro now. Save Venezuela and win Florida while doing it.

"Forest", the 2d /ian-flagged tanker entered the waters of to deliver its cargo to the people of Venezuela and break the embargo illegally imposed by the . is implementing the articles 2 and 3 of its constitution: support the oppressed

is not only by far the best president the USA could have elected and the best choice for re-election. He's also by far the best chance for justice, freedom and prosperity for many other parts of the world...

.ig Billions a S05E01 a The New Decas Billions a S05E02 a The Chris Rock Test Billions a S05E03 a Beg, Bribe, Bully *!* Un Nuevo Mundo en Subtitulos *!* Abreva en la Fuente. .ig

I can imagine that, but also I know that the only way is an intervention. Venezuelans can't fight with this criminal and terrorist organization, please, help us!

The power of the purse is in the hands of the National Assembly - NOT the executive branch. The congressional representatives of are protecting the people’s future by not allowing a confirmed drug lord to give it all away to the Iranian terrorist state.

The US needs to cap Maduro. He murders native Americans for deforestation, gold and emerald mining, and violates the environment and sanctions to mine Uranium for Iran and Cuba’s illegal nuclear weapons. A liberated Venezuela is a safe Americas.

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