Here’s a pass by of the 2 illuminated Allegiant Stadium signs.

Crews testing the lights on 2 of the Allegiant Stadium signs installed on the $2 billion, 65,000 seat stadium.

The ETFE roof installation on Allegiant Stadium is about 70% complete. With the south end portion left to go. Also, the framing for the massive mesh video screen about 75% complete.

Back in the 90's, tried to be a "family destination". MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park was open from 1993-2000. In 2001 a smaller park was open only for special events. It closed completely in 2002.

Sadly Viva Las Vegas was canceled this year so here’s a shot from last year with Hellcat Suzie.

Looking at the beautiful casino floor of the Desert Inn at closing in 2000.

Poor team member was due to go to Vegas for her 30th so we decided to bring Vegas to her, happy birthday

The lights on the Welcome to Fabulous sign and other strip properties are blue tonight in support of everyone on the frontlines of our fight against the 19 ©

When things open back up in makes sure you tip your servers generously like these guests did at the Showboat in 1955.

Which casino is most likely to have ghosts partying in the club during the shutdown?

Ok A LOT Of Us are Bored AF today!! Let’s play “If I could be in a Vegas Casino RIGHT NOW, Where would I be?!!! I’m having a glass of champagne sitting Lakeside watching the Light show!!!Now tell me whete you would be, what’s doing or drinking!!!! ✌🏼

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