If you have got good headsets please listen to the baseline in 'sVibe song. Abi na the kpoli dey make me feel am different?

Little color challenge I did where I went and tried to make a drawing only using shades of that one color.

Hope everyone’s week is going by alright. Things are pretty tough all around so I hope you can find a way to relax in these trying times. Art output from me has been slow so my apologies.

Who will you consider the contemporary 🇳🇬 rap king between and ? Retweet for ❤ Like for Reply for others.

And I say run never dey serious that is y woman dey hold breast and she laughed out 😂 Stay at home at this trying time can't kill our happiness

Hello y'all. Starting everything anew. I'm back for good. Your sweet homeboy ❤💋. I follow back too 😘😘 , ,

MI: is your short black boy Mr incredible now listen last month was Valentine this now this month is quarantine Vector : thats why my lines keep you on lock down in a complete shutdown Nigerians: Maddd ooooooooo VECTOR

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