Your to travel never wanes. And for peace of mind, book with me a travel professional. There’s more to it than just travel insurance. I can book your ahead.

When the time is right Capture the magic region of from your room or poolside at the hotel La Fontanelle.

If you could venture off to any spot around the globe, where would you go? Why?

On Sunday, our ipad screen and toaster oven door shattered. Yesterday, our old computer (for kids) broke - it had it coming though. Today, my iphone screen smashed. Last week I *did* say that I needed a break... lemme be more specific this time. I need a

Going to ask a favor of you guys. You always come up with the best song suggestions & is scrapping our songs that mention summer/beaches/vacations list & starting fresh. We need your help. Give us every song you can think of that is about

Stopped at Ausable Chasm during one of our vacations in the northeast USA.

Route 66 one early September evening. My family enjoyed that vacation.

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