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Rights are violated. Here in The Netherlands i am watching with mixed feelings and am shocked. Is / turned into a dictatorship? Mister Trump behaves himself like he is

POLICE BRUTALITY - : Terrifying moments for a young Black man and his family in Texas, as numerous cops point guns on him and then assault his 90-year-old grandmother. His alleged offense: rolling through a stop sign. ⁠

WATCH: — Cops fleeing from their own station in 3rd precinct (it is now in flames, burnt down) —

Technology USS Giffords Littoral Combat Ship Continue cruising in the South China Sea

This was my prediction of which I said in April 11! Sad that is at no. 1 now!

After the Martyrdom of the victory leaders Qasim Soleimani and Abu Mehdi Al-Muhandis, The criminal bastard Donald Trump said the world is a safer place now. Then the response came from Soleimani's Lord and brought scourge to the world, especially to America . =

Kill this mother fucker red nick or don’t talk about human rights ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🇺🇸 More than 100.000 Covid-19 Death. Come on, Thank me for the tremendows job im doing!

BREAKING: Chaotic scenes of riot Police dispersing crowd in using rubber bullets and teargas.

🗣 🦠 103 year-old Massachusetts woman beats & celebrated with beer 🍺 Cheers Ma'am

I get asked a lot, What’s the difference between living in and the . Here’s your answer

- Angry US protests for second night over police killing of black man 📸 Kerem Yucell

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