coconut octopus is a medium-size cephalopod. in order to take the shelter uses abandoned shells or coconut halves. Indeed, coconut octopus is the world smartest invertebrates. 🌐 photo by Grant Thomas Photography

Free Zoom talk 27 May 7:30PM EST on key techniques in underwater photography on reefs, wrecks & caves by Olga Torrey & Larry Cohen. Learn about housings, cameras, strobes. Photo by L. Cohen. . Take the

Swim and fish in the reef at a depth of 70m using blue squid as bait! Can you finish off the big monster!

The whale shark is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. So beautiful and graceful.

Chromodoris annae is a species of sea slug, a very colourful nudibranch, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusc in the family Chromodorididae

Check out my new blog post about , the other species-rich family of small coral-reef dwelling benthic . Over the years I managed to capture quite a few interesting photos of blennies.

Thanks to My GreaT instructor Mr. Abdullah Al-Omari (tagged), My ShoT --- His CameRa 😁👌🏼 #scuba#underwater#redsea#yanbu#jeddah#cressi #beach#photooftheday

Pacific Giant Octopus, It's always a little unnerving to meet something as big as yourself underwater..

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