Sometimes the shoots you think haven't worked are often the ones that yield a surprise. I was a little disheartened when I arrived at the tidal pool this evening realising I'd lost the best of the sunlight but I thought I'd try my luck anyway 💚

Guys this horror movie is too scary this guy was scared when he died

Movie I watched in day 28 I don’t know why people hate so much, you just have to learn not to expect a lot from her movies, just entertainment. And even though this film can get boring at times, it delivers entertainment. Score: 7/10

A green mane compliments the floral pattern that cascades down the neck of this aquatic equine. 🎨 “Under the water” by Tibet-Lama:

AUDUSD/Copper/HSCEI (By CS). Not sure who leads but they are all pretty

Underwater House!! The video will be up on my channel at 11:30 PM Malaysia time :) I hope you will like it hehe.

Finally on Twitter! Just trying to figure out how to use it ;) Any of my FB buddies here?

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