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You said Tife mother didn't train him well at all and she's mother of a rapist. If he had taught his daughter well and in the way of God, would she be traveling from Ife to warri for D*ck? 😶 Aged Ashawo

BREAKING! BREAKING! the veil of terrorist mobs, SCOTUS just committed treason.

Space X is launching “Crew Dragon” w/ two astronauts into space today at 4:33pm. 🔸We’re placing the over/under on time out of atmosphere at 2.5 minutes🔸

make in India Indian railway is reaching new heights

I sit under a broken roof, The moon and the stars left me, But it doesn't hurt Drip! Drip! Tar leaks from my heart, It's broken, Comforting faint whimper That isn't me, Curses! The light isn't coming back

Added some more plants too usually the Pelargonium bed, added some Dwarf Rudbeckia & Cosmos.

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