The Danes told me that they were stunned by the high number of cases tied to - until they realized that "Apres Ski" incl. playing beer pong with your mouth. They believe the village should have been quarantined as soon as they heard about infections on March 4.

State prosecutors in Austria’s region are to investigate whether an establishment in the ski resort of failed to report a case of to authorities at the end of Feb. The ski town‘s emerged as a hotspot with hundreds of cases linked to skiers

intensifying the state of emergency by the minute: the Federal Province of has just introduced the restriction of movement: nobody is allowed to leave their house or apartment unless in explicitly necessary cases.

BREAKING - Italy reports the first case in (Tirol) close to the border to . The man has previously tested negative, but now tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

introduced a strict sectoral ban for heavy vehicles on 's main transit route to and from . No viable alternative to is proposed while savings are minimal. Hence, the measure seriously restricts free movement of goods.

Departing Innsbruck with ease last Saturday is this 757 bound for . The 757 really comes in to its own for challenging airports like this.

6 German tourists killed, 11 injured after car plowed into tour group in Italy's

New WC season begins in four days. Join us in Innsbruck with the live stream. Can’t wait to hear comments from our luge fans!

A little wet! Greetings from a rainy Austrian . It’s actually colder back in the UK(!) but at least here we’re surrounded by snowy mountains.

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