Covid+this mad world are making me loose it for good!🥴just watched (I think?!🤔😂)with what I’m sure,are very bad auto-translate subtitles!🤪But guess what:LOVED IT!🤣 🥰Don’t know if I actually understand the story but got to see some of 😍🙌🏻💟

"On God’s scale the amount is not important, what matters is the intent". Watch Abdulhamid for the first time with English subtitles on Youtube on Dram:

People who have already watched Game of thrones , sacred games or movies/tv-series of these types are now asking molvies "Ertugrul drama dekhna halal he ya haram'" 😂 epic

I would love❣️ to appreciate credible author Maheen Hamid () for articulating our thoughts & emotions pertaining . I could truly relate myself as one of millions of global viewers here. Kudos for this excellent masterpiece! 👏🏽

🆕🖊️ Turkish Drama: The Power to Heal by mh-musings - Convergence of Values - What we love about Turkish drama For its viewers, has become a unifying factor that cuts across culture, religion and ethnicity in incredible ways...

ISTANBUL 🇹🇷// Inter Medya announced three new deals for its popular drama Broken Wings in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Romania.

Ertugrul Ghazi Turkish superstar Engin Altan Düzyatan wishing Happy Eid to Pakistani fans with a very beautiful special message ! Video via PTV Home Official

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