made this video before yesterday’s rally in . Over 400 members voted to support the motion, that they will go on strike to urge suspend all flights to China.

Meanwhile at , there’s a “Don’t fly with you” rally by Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association, dozens of members joined to urge suspend all flights to mainland China, prevent to spread the diseases. Pic by

Last night in , , there was a “Chat with you”demonstration. Cheung Chun-kit, owner of the , he share his “conscience” enterprise experience with the attendees. Source

17:30 This is another example of excessive force. Riot police suddenly raid a group of teens during a standoff nxt to Citygate Outlets. A female teen is pulled by the police and abruptly falls on the ground, she is later beaten with batons by police. (Via Apple Daily)

18:42 HKT While riot police retreats, a large group of citizens follow them while chanting 「721 唔見人!831 打死人!」(July21 You are nowhere to be seen! August31 you beat people to death!) Riot police suddenly charge forward.

New way to call the police today: "Rioters" the residents chanted Well they are not exactly wrong aren't they. Residents are following the "rioters" as they retreat.

ppl (and cars) literally chasing away police, who are already retreating.

HKT 18:28 Police cordon and block traffic on Tat Tung Rd, and had to slowly retreat after a line of vehicles repeatedly honk at them. Red flag (stop Charging or we use force) hoisted

Earlier, Police: ‘there isn’t a law banning insult of police now, but there is disorderly conduct in public place, leave or we can make arrests. ‘ ppl shout at police and cheer as officers leave.

As a male bystander is questioning the arrest, a police officer ask him to get into the police defense line to discuss. The invite is not very friendly.

17:47 HKT A youth was stopped and searched by police at Tung Chung Station. He was demanded to unlock his phone to prove the phone belongs to him.

To keep people from entering the airport, just put dozens of them in an MTR station and the shopping mall next to it. They might as well seal off the city and make it a crime for anyone to leave their home.

At least 30 riot police charge and run towards protesters in several directions outside the station.

Heavy police presence in after protesters try to block access to airport

1905 : Some MTR passengers are unwilling to leave the train. "Worried by the number of police outside" and "don't know how to leave when no transport is running" are the reasons they claim. Source: apple daily live

- 1742 - protesters pick up the pace after seeing police wagons in a parallel bridge.

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