Please keep it up . More than 30 million people have food allergies ... and need accommodating, safe and inclusive airlines. Kindness and safety goes a long way.

Bravo to for the treating my kiddos - who have food allergies with great care. They let us board early so we could wipe down the seats and made sure all was safe during our flight.

The 50 top rated allergy-friendly hotels in the world. Spokin app users have shared reviews for 200+ hotels across 24 countries, just in time for holiday travel. Bon Voyage! ✈️

Not sure this was tasty enough to justify the cavity search, but here we are.

M: "What's this?" H: "No translation, it's Icelandic." M: "...R there oranges?" H: "...No, but..." M: "Good!"

Highlight today: TSA PERSON "oh, yeah, it's just your sausage."

Then my insulated bag of allergen-free food got searched. Thankfully, I had already drained off the melted ice

So true! Lol Add a set of golf clubs and it would look like me ! Have a great trip!!

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