🧭 Visits You! 🗺 🖌 ... A stunning centrepiece of world-famous buildings & a laidback Italian atmosphere Read more about beautiful destinations👇 📍 📍🇮🇹

Elvis statue in Harborland Kobe, also masking it up to keep it safe

Istanbul, Türkiye 📍 • The home of great buildings, nice food & crazy football 🇹🇷🏟️ •

Amalfi Coast, Italy 📍 • Known for its sheer cliffs and picturesque views 🇮🇹 • What's the best place to visit in your country?

Skiing in the Alps 📍 • İ can't ski but that won't stop me 🏂⛷️ •

🧭 Montenegro Visits You! 🗺 Majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches, bays overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Venetian villages & walled cities Read more 👉 📍  🇲🇪📍

As you prepare to fly again; a new experience awaits. Your journey through has been modified to ensure maximum safety at every step. Watch this video to know more about the contactless passenger journey at BLR Airport.

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