SOUTH TAMIL NADU Travel vlog is up guys! Give it a watch and let me know you suggestions as wel..! To watch the video click the link below 👇

This years travelling was amazing, a lot of new places was explored. Hope for many more next year.ends the year in Denmark

Exploring is like being on a treasure hunt where you’re rewarded with architectural, art, and culinary gems in practically every corner.

OMG I love this! Can’t wait to meet you next year in Atlanta!

Before the year ends, compilation muna ng aking travel dagat hehe 😉 FEAT. SIGNATURE 360 VIDEO via )

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” - James Michener 💖💖

"Inle lake", Myanmar's expressive eye and one of the world's beautiful lake! So peaceful!! Enjoyed the special stay seeing it's dawn & dusk... Such a wonderful memory 😍

What are the benefits of chartering a jet? No lines or crowds at the airport and arriving home for the holidays... stress-free.

If you somehow needed convincing before to experience Fiji’s crystal clear beaches, now consider the crop of luxury resorts that have opened on the island or are about to in 2018.

Hard to pick between Iceland and Austria. Both countries were fantastic!

Woke up early just to catch up the 6:40AM trip of the cutest shinkansen the "Hello Kitty" to Okayama

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