Birthday behaviour 😏 . Lashes - @lashgirlspro Adhesive - @untamed.artistry . Happy birthday @meeshamagan ♥️

Go ahead, tilt ya head 🙃

Hi babes, sorry I haven’t been posting the last few weeks but I’m back! . Here’s a before and after shot of one of my favourite lash beau’s 😍 makeupnomakeuplook . Many people get this perception that eyelash extensions is only for special occasion or eyelash extensions looks too dramatic, that not the case that all! . This is why consultation at the beginning of the appointment is so important - talk to us, share what you like and don’t like with your lash artist 🤓

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STAYING HYDRATED💦 As lash artists, we tend to forget the importance of listening to our bodies. We go from client to client and get so busy, we forget to drink water! . Did you know water helps muscle and joints work better? To sound technical, when you’re hydrated, the water inside and outside the cells of contracting muscles removes waste efficiently so you perform better. This can hugely impact the way we work as lash artist! . Pro tip: leave a 1L water bottle, cup or even something as simple as a mason jar near your work station with a straw. If you struggle drinking water itself, add some 🍋 or lime or even a little 🍯 🍯 to your water. . Lets aim to drink 2L a day babes!

Refills for this cutie 🥧

Even Ariel gets refills 🧜‍♀️

Never lose sight of what you believe in

Soft and simple for this natural beau 💖

“Give 100% to everything you do, and never give up” - a reminder to all my hard working lash babes 💕

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Hybrid set for this beauty 🌺

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Had to repost but a close up shot of this likkle swoop for his hot mama 🌶 📸

Happy Monday my loves 🥰

So fluffy I could die!!! 🦄

This lucky babe is going to see @jlo tonight!!!!!!!! I am so jelly, at least she’ll be “w̶̶a̶̶i̶̶t̶̶i̶̶n̶̶g̶ ready for tonight” 🎤 🎵 - - - #sugarlashpro   #volumelashes   #lashmakers   #lashaddict   #lashtipsandtricks   #borboletabeauty   #lashboxla   #hudabeauty   #lashlikeyoumeanit   #striplashlook   #lashes   #wispyvolume   #eyelashextensions   #striplash   #striplashextensions   #lashgoals   #markham   #toronto   #torontolashextenions   #markhamlashextensions