600k Condo droppin 60K chrysler parkin are you ready for summer? Lets rolling out with Sean

This is how a customer reacted at Hero Certified Burgers when they were told they can't pay cash 😲

Went out for a nighttime stroll around the block (perfect time to do it, the streets are empty) and people have put up their Xmas lights.. for the health care providers! Sweet, let's light up the whole city

In an effort to contain COVID19 and limit the gathering of large crowds, all Major League Sports have suspended operations. Now let's all do our part.

Guys, I'm beginning to fear the giant rubber duck isn't coming this year.

People often ask how I stay so pumped. Gyms are closed? No excuse! I work out during lunch. Stay active friends. To be honest, nobody has ever accused me of being pumped 😄

Good Morning !! 🙏🏼 Please today, if you can!! If you can’t, thank you for being an essential worker! 🙏🏼

Working on finally adopting a cat. It only took 15 years for me to get over losing my two beauties, but here we are. About to be a Cat Mom again. Drop me your favourite toys, scratch posts, foods, whatever. I’m rusty. And reco’s on how to keep a cat away from plants 😉

Hey ! We’ve heard you loud and clear and were comin’ your way. Yep, that’s right, Door Drop contactless delivery by our very own Nickel Brook team. Check out our new service areas and comment below with any questions or random banter… we’re livin’ online these days

Humber Bay Park this afternoon. Photo taken from a widely shared FB post. No one should be surprised when we're put into a full lockdown because so many fucking fuckwits can't listen.

Who remembers?! (the video game arcades were awesome too)

All I’m reading is death and destruction in the United States, but National Post prints an op-ed piece by Conrad Black saying we’ve overreacted to this virus??? It’s unconscionable.

Get to work early, shine your hat, polish your boots, and stay positive. Not because you have to, because you want to. Nightshift. 6pm - 6am. Be safe out there folks. Anxiety is high everywhere, do your best to keep it in check. Thank you for the support 🙏🏼

📢Tenants, listen up: ⏩ Your landlord cannot charge you late fees on your rent ⏩ There’s a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic🚨 Please ☎️ or email me if you are in my riding & your landlord threatens/tries to evict you

Tenants in raising banners along Jameson this afternoon. Amid the crisis, and seeing no sign of support from the government, working class renters are organizing in across , making the decision to keep their rent. No of us are alone.

Dear , Thank you so much for taking the crisis seriously. Sincerely, Health Workers Everywhere

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