Me, after fishing for 10 Mins in : 'eggcelent!' 'for eggsample...' 'egguador...' 'eggscuse me'

How many promoted tweets do you see in your TL? Every third tweet for me

Promoting and nurturing your mental health today means you can be more productive tomorrow or whenever you feel able. I’m so sorry life piled stuff on you today. I hope tomorrow and this weekend are better days.

Handling of is . Tories have sytematically destabilized the over the last 10 years and now they fail to act anywhere near in time to prepare the for a warned about in . deaths in one day

Projecting my feelings much? I read this as “I’m a Grumpy Bear” & thought hmm they remade it for the pandemic.

Y’all, please nobody do anything for April Fools - some of us can’t take it rn

After all of this I am going to continue to social distance myself from most of the people in my household.

Ya know, & I'm just spitballing here so stay with me, there's a certain alliteration to: Kum & Combs ? You've got a store just a couple blocks from my house that my wife always stops at on her way to work. We could try the new signage there? ?


I need the actor who plays sebastian in Shakespeare and Hathaway to play me (he's younger and way fitter) as the owner of a nearby b&b who is always curtain twitching... Not that I do that obviously. He could be Ian's secret love child from Frances de latour. ?

When against your best judgement you start watching 28 Weeks Later and realize Idris Elba is in it.. 😳 And you turn it off.

This is called "the privileged having privilege" Well beyond what a typical person or business would have.. No privilege is when it involves the or FY very much et al. 🖕

and please DO NOT TAG me in your posts, or nominate me for anything. Thanks, I've just logged in to find 60 notifications.

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