First reaction: Nuts. It’s going to rain all day. Second reaction: Good thing I’m not leaving the house. Final reaction: Nuts. I have six hours of Zoom meetings ahead of me and no sunshine.

I'm not saying that the Japanese occasionally have pointless jobs but sweeping the snow from an empty pavement while its snowing...

"Yaki-Onigiri" = Grilled Rice Ball! Love it! You can get frozen Yaki-Onigiri at convenience stores. This with a Sea Urchin on top😍

And Shibuya during the quarantine. I had to come out since my meeting didn't get canceled but I'm leaving now. Stay safe, everyone.

In these unprecedented times I'm so proud to be part of an incredible ⁦⁩ team working hard to support British Nationals in Japan... ⁦⁩ is outstanding in tough times

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