Bonus Videos from the wayback machine for Braviseamo (part 5 ) not as high quality but you can hear the music well From my Japan trip in Jan/Feb 2009.

BraviSEAmo! Part 3 video from my wayback machine Jan/Feb 2009 visit to Tokyo Disney Sea

Part 4 of my wayback machine visit Jubilation parade 25th anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland Jan/Feb 2009

Jubilation Parade part 1 from my wayback machine visit to Tokyo Disney Resort January February 2009

More scenes from the wayback machine of the Mickey Mouse Revue January/February 2009

I REALLY want to visit camp woodchuck at Tokyo Disneyland ! It looks so amazing 😵💚🌳🌲😖☘️

Testing the way back machine : Please like it if it works! This is the Mickey Mouse Revue from my trip to in January/February 2009.

More props from Tokyo Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast expansion ! These are all preparation pictures from the prophouse at WDI !

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